Oxo-Biodegradable Clear Disposable Jumbo Drinking EcoStraws 7.75in, Individually Wrapped - Sugarcane Made, D2W Composta
Wrapped Disposable Jumbo eco Straws drinking soda juice cold milkshake smoothie plastic alternative free ecofriendly compostable made of sugarcane bagasse compostable solutions  7.75 inch " Individually Wrapped clear 100% Oil Free Non-Eco-Toxic Food Safe affordable bulk economical commercial wholesale Restaurant Food Trucks Caterers take out sustainable ecoquality d2w

Oxo-Biodegradable Clear Disposable Jumbo Drinking EcoStraws 7.75in, Individually Wrapped - Sugarcane Made, D2W Compostable, Plastic Alternative

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Let's help save the oceans and our planet! These straws are manufactured using sugarcane bagasse and Oxo-biodegradable catalytic additives without affecting the clear straw's physical characteristics. Making these straws 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly. 100% Oil Free and Non-Eco-Toxic, Food Safe.

Once our ecostraw is exposed to oxygen, water, light (sun), and is consumed by microorganisms the biodegrading process starts and this straw will turn into biomass, co2, and water. Fully degrades within 6 to 36 months depending on environmental conditions. Natural break down typically takes 95 days. 100% agricultural waste recyclable, nontoxic, and made from a Sugarcane Residue Bagasse.

Each box comes with 300 pieces of individually wrapped clear Jumbo drinking straws.

Key Features:

  • Amazing alternative to plastics - Natural break down typically takes 95 days!
  • Individually Wrapped Straws - 7.75 inches Length with 0.18 inch Diameter Hole
  • Compostable & Biodegradable - Made from a Sugarcane Residue Bagasse
  • DOES NOT SOG LIKE PAPER STRAWS - Straight drinking glass straws easily compliment various beverages. This straw can also be used as a stirrer, since it does not break down or degrade as unlike paper straws.
  • Bulk Packaging - Great for Bars, Restaurants, Home Use, Office and Diners

Compared to paper straws, agave straws, avocado straws our EcoQuality Clear Disposable Jumbo Drinking straws not only won't hurt your budget but will provide you with the same plastic like feel and experience. Enjoy watching your drinks pass through the clear straw design without the effect on our planet!"