Compostable Biodegradable Eco Friendly Disposable Dinner Set
Pack of:
150pcs for 25 People
300pcs for 50 People
600pcs for 100 People
1200pcs for 200 People
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Estimated arrival:18 July, 2024

The paper plates are made from 100% sugar cane fibers and the cutlery are made from cornstarch, which is plant-based and eco-friendly, able to be dissolved by the environment. A great alternative to traditional paper or plastic, The disposable plate offers the same sturdy function and easy cleanup. Yet it’s completely tree- free and plastic-free.

Not like the ordinary plate, paper plates offers reliable strength and does not contain any plastic or wax lining, disposable plates are microwavable & freezable is safe to use at a wide range of temperatures, and won’t be damaged by repeated freezing or microwaving.

This Compostable Dinner Set is perfect for parties,wedding,special events,camping,picnics, BBQ, ,to-go orders or other types of foodservice scenes.

(150pcs Dinnerware set)
This Dinner Plate set includes: 25pcs 9-inch Compostable Dinner Plates, 25pcs 7-inch Compostable Salad Plates, 25pcs Wooden Forks, 25pcs Wooden Knives, 25pcs Wooden Spoons, 25pcs 12oz Compostable Cups. Dinner set serve for 25 guests